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WomuNet: Mujeres y redes musicales en Granada: diálogos entre pasado y presente 
Project funded by the Proyectos de Investigación del MediaLab of the ‘Plan Propio de Investigación y Transferencia’ [WomuNet], Universidad de Granada; date of resolution: 3 November 2020.  
Duration: 1 year (1 January to 31 December 2021) 
Budget: 3000€ 
Participants: 3  
PI: Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita 


This digital musicology project aims to challenge the invisibility of women in music history by analysing the role that they played in the configuration of music networks from the early modern period onwards. With a focus on networks that involve women and music from Hispanic lands, the city of Granada serves as a proof of concept for future projects in the European context. This research explores the contribution of a wide range of women to the processes of creation and performance of music, to the dissemination of music and musical discourse, and to the promotion of the interaction between musicians, which is indispensable for offering a different window onto the musical culture of Europe. Four networks (of patronage, discourse, musicians, and oral music) are receiving particular attention and research into them is filtered through specific approaches (printing press, religion, diplomacy, and migrations), in order to shed light on questions such as how women contributed to the dissemination of music through diplomatic encounters, how the moral discourse on women’s musical practices influenced their experience of music, and how women promoted the diffusion of oral traditions of music in the context of migrations. This programme is fed into an online platform (under construction) which serves not only as a means of enabling instantaneous outreach of the findings, but also as a way of bringing together, analysing and mapping different elements of a complex mosaic of interrelated female musical activities.


Main lines of research

   • The contribution of women to the dissemination of music through diplomatic encounters 
   • The influence of the moral discourse on women’s musical practice 
   • The promotion of oral traditions by women 
   • Women and music printing 

Research team

Principal investigator:  Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita

Advisory team: